Winner of several Export Awards  
  First 'Wools of New Zealand' Brand  
    Partner Spinners in India  
  The only WONZ "Laneve" Brand  
    Partner Spinner in India  
  Head Office :  
  Grentex & Co Pvt Ltd
G R Woollen Mills Pvt Ltd
LBS Marg, Ghatkopar(w),
Mumbai-400086 India
  Phone : +91 (0)22 2509 4225/6  
    +91 (0)22 2511 6885/6  
  Fax : +91 (0)22 2511 4842  
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Grentex is a fully equipped early stage Wool processor, offering a wide range of products, based on all 3 Spinning systems. We use modern machinery, which are regularly updated and maintained, and use imported raw materials, consumables and spares.
Scoured Wool:
Technology: Decotter
Andar Scour 7 Bowl Wool washing with greasy Wool Opening, Picking conveyor, Mentec Opener, De-duster, Modern Effluent Treatment Plant with Alfa Laval Grease/Lanolin (crude) recovery, 500 T Gualcherani Press for Fibre/Tops/Open Tops
Range: 18 Mic upwards
Packing: Bales
Capacity: 10 million kgs per annum
Wool Tops including Open Tops:
Range: Ecru / Bleached / Blended / Dyed
21 Mic to 38 Mic
Wool Noils
Packing: 10/20/30/40 kg Bumps
Wrapped in HDPE covers with metal strapping / Wires
Capacity: 3 to 3.5 million kgs per annum
Worsted/Semi-Worsted Yarn:
Range: Nm 2 to Nm 40s
Upto 6 ply & multi-plys
Cable Yarn 2x2, 3x2, 2x4 etc.
Ecru & Dyed
Wool & Blends with Synthetic Fibres
Packing: Jumbo Hanks & Cones.
Hank 140cms to 230 cms Oce, weight 500gms to 4 kgs Cop build
Cone size upto 2.7 kgs
Capacity: 1 to 1.5 million kgs per annum
Woollen Carded Yarn:
Range: 1 Nm to 8 Nm (1/30s to 1/310 yds/oz)
(1000 tex to 100 tex)
Packing: Cones & Jumbo Hanks, Cross Wound & Cop build, weight 500gms to 3 kgs
Capacity: 2.5 million kgs per annum
End Use:
Carpets - Hand Tufting, Broadloom Tufting, Axminster and Wilton in 100% Wool and Wool rich blends with Nylon and Polyester. The Company excels in Dry Spinning in Singles, Folded and Yarn Count, and Twist to specifications.

Home Furnishings and Upholsery

Shawls & Fabrics



Aircraft Interiors
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